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SwitchTake Live Editing Overview

SwitchTake is a video (pre) editng system that allows you save time by making video edits live while you film.

How do you edit with SwitchTake?

  • Record video with your camera or screen recording
  • Use SwitchTake Mobile app or Voice commands
  • As you record set checkpoints and make cuts
  • Add markers / organize media
  • Process & import (pre) edited timelines


What can you do with SwitchTake?

Edit while recording
Set checkpoints
Cut Bad Takes
Add Markers
Tag Clips
Highlight Reel
Blooper Reel
Set Clip Color
Rename Clips
Multiple Clips/Timelines
Streaming Segments
Auto Cut Silence
Organize Media
Universal Import
SwitchTake Mobile App
  • LIVE Video Editing
  • Tap / Swipe to Edit
  • Pause / Resume
  • Set Markers & Colors
  • Clip name & Tags

Voice Editing
  • LIVE Video Editing
  • Hands Free / Voice Edits
  • Switch In / Switch Out
  • Set Markers
  • Organize Media & Clips