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Downloads / Folder monitor

Setup a folder monitor location to automatically import media when it has been downloaded.  When new media is added in the monitored folder location it will be processed by SwitchTake, copied to your project folder and imported to your video editor.

Setup folder monitor
  • Select the folder location to monitor
  • Choose the basic folder monitor or library
  • Click "add folder" to add another folder monitor location
  • Toggle the "auto" button to have files auto imported or prompted to import
Setup folder monitor

Basic Folder Monitor
When files are added to the folder, you can change the file name, bin location and other settings before importing them into your project.  Use this option to organize media when importing.

Library Folder Monitor
Files added to a media library location will be imported with the current folder location into your video editor.  Use this option if you want the bin locations to match the file folder location.

Library Folder Monitor (add files)

  • To add files to a folder monitor library you can directly copy files to the location
  • To add files while pasting use the paste wtih attributes option CTRL+ALT+K
    • Click customize & import & data settings
    • Select the library from the "COPY/IMPORT" list
    • When you sync the file it will be copied to the library location

Sync Folder Library
Click Sync/Diff and then click "set" choose the library you want to sync with your project

Folder Library Quick Access
Quckly open any folder library with the Quick Folders & Actions feature.  Click CTRL+ALT+O hot key to open the quick folders in SuperBins.  Press the key for the library location.  The location will be opened in Explorer/Finder..

Live Updates / Manual Updates

By default any new files added to a folder being monitored will be imported into your project. When needed you can set the folder monitor to manual updates.  The folder monitor will queue updates.  When you are ready to import your media, click the "queued files" list on the folder monitor.

To switch between live and manual folder monitoring, click the folder monitor icon and choose the selection list on the lower right corner of the screen.