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SwitchTake Voice / What can I say?
<span>SwitchTake Voice / What can I say?</span>
Mobile app not required

While recording use voice commands to set edit points and  provide context to your cips.  More voice commands/features will be added over time.   The wording for some commands may change as development continues.

Record video and use voice commands
  • Use voice commands while recording
  • Process media with SwitchTake PC/Mac
  • Import XML sequence
Basic Voice Editing
"Switch In" Start and set checkpoint / in time
"Switch Out" Include everything from last checkpoint and stop
"Switch Save" Sets a checkpoint and includes everything since the last checkpoint.
"Switch Good" Markers a segment as a good take and sets a new checkpoint
"Switch Cut" Cuts everything since the last checkpoint and sets a new checkpoint
"Switch Blooper" Cuts everything since the last checkpoint, sets a new checkpoint and adds the current segment to the gag/outtake reel.
Streaming Commands
"Switch Segment" Start a new segment
"Switch Segment End" End the current segment
"Switch Highlight" Add a highlight for the last 15 seconds. You can extend the time when editing your sequence.
Clip Management
"Switch Dump" Use when you don't want to use the current clip being filmed. Nothing in this clip will be used in the import timeline.
"Switch Clip Name (Name)" Sets the name for the current media file being filmed. This file will be renamed after running SwitchTake. Ex. "C33242.mp4" is renamed to "product_shot_one.mp4"
"Switch Delete Clip" COMING SOON This may be used to give you the option to mark clips to be deleted so you do not need to import them.
"Switch Marker" Creates a marker in your video
"Switch Note" Starts marker with a voice description. Use your voice to say the note contents.
"Switch Clip Note" Starts note/comment to be added to this clips metadata. Use your voice to say the note contents.
"Switch Commit" Saves the last note
Voice Director (Build Rough-Cut Sequences)
IMPORTANT: After each voice director command, make sure you wait for two seconds for the command to register. OR... say "action" or "go" to continue.
"Switch Set (Set Name)" Names the current segment being filmed. This adds the current clip and any clips filmed after into this group. You can use up to 3 words.  All the clips in a set will be exported as a unified timeline.
"Switch Scene (Scene Number)" Set the current scene number. Adds the current clip and any clips after to this scene.
"Switch Tag (Tag Name)" Set a tag on the current clip. You can use up to 3 words in the tag. Tags are used to group clips and reference the clip group.  
"Switch Insert (Set/Tag Name)" Inserts the scene or tagged sequence.
"Switch Overlay (Set/Tag Name)" Overlays the scene or tagged sequence in track2 above the main track.
Combinations / Shortcuts
"Switch Out  (Cut|Good|Blooper)" Stops and either cuts the last segment, sets a good take or adds to outtakes.
"Switch Set (X} Scene (Y)" Names the current segment and sets the scene number.
About Voice Accuracy


Do not expect voice processing to be 100% accurate. It will miss some commands depending on how the commands are said, background noise, audio quality and other factors.

If you find that commands are being missed, you can go to the clip properties.  Adjust the sequence, scene, tags...  Use the voice test option to see what it thinks is being said.   Send us that information and we can make adjustments.

Even if commands  are missed, you can still fix and make adjustments as you are editing your video.