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What is SuperBins?
SuperBIns is the fastest way to import and sync media with your video editor. No need to create folders, copy files, create media bins or manually import media. SuperBins is suppored on Windows and Mac.
What video editors are supported?
SuperBins can be used to create an organized project folder for any video editor. Automatic sync is supported in Davinci Resolve Studio and Premiere Pro.
How do I purchase SuperBins?
Download the SuperBins application and then click the purchase button inside the app.


SuperBins Download

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Setup SuperBins

The feature to auto import media files to Resolve bins requires Davinci Resolve Studio.  It is not available in the free version.

Setup Davinci Resolve

  1. Start Davinci Resolve Studio
  2. Enable Scripting Support
    1. Click Davinci Resolve Menu -> "Preferences"
    2. Select "General"
    3. Set "External scripting using" to "Local"

Setup Super Bins

  1. Download SwitchTake Super Bins
  2. Click the gear icon (top right)
  3. Enable "Resovle Connect"
  4. Click "SAVE SETTINGS"
  5. Click "CHANGE PROJECT LOCATION" to set your project folder

You are now ready to go.. Any files/folders added to your project folder will be added to your Resolve project.

Resolve Won't Connect (Setup Resolve Scripting)

  1. Open SwitchTake Super Bins
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Enter path to fusionscript.dll from the resolve installation
  4. Click "SAVE SETTINGS"