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About SwitchTake
Designed by Content Creators

SwitchTake has been designed by content creators for content creators.  The idea for SwitchTake came directly from the process of creating videos for YouTube.  How could we make the workflow more streamlined and efficient?   We realized that you know what is good or not during the filming process.  So, why not make the edit right there instead of loading everything into an editor and sorting through footage that you will never use.

Your Time is Valuable

We know that editing videos is a huge amount of work.  Looking through video clips, cutting mistakes, finding your best takes and organizing media files.  With SwitchTake you can focus your valuable time on creating the best possible videos.  We have made everything as easy and integrated as possible.  Process your files with SwitchTake.  Then import your clips and rough-cut sequences into your video editor with just a few clicks.

What is SwitchTake?
SwitchTake is a mobile app that allows you to easily make editing decisions while filming. Swipe on your phone to mark good takes from bad takes. Import a full rough cut sequence into your video editor with all the cuts automatically removed.
What platforms and video editors are supported?
SwitchTake is supported on Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.
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