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Download SwitchTake Mobile

SwitchTake Mobile / Record & Edit
  • Get video camera ready to record
  • Open SwitchTake mobile app
  • Tap New Recording
  • Enter Edit Session Name (not required)
  • Click Start
    • Wait for countdown
    • Click Record on your camera
  • Swipe/tap to make live edits
  • Click Save 

All edits in the edit session are saved and will be used to generate the import sequence for your video software.

Swipe to Edit
Swipe to Edit

Keep everything since the last swipe

Cut everything since the last swipe

Each swipe creates a checkpoint.  Allowing you to decide to keep or cut after the checkpoint.

When you are done recording, click the green save button in the upper right corner of the SwitchTake screen.

SwitchTake Edit Timeline


The blue part shows the amount of time from the last checkpoint / swipe.  Swipe down / up to cut or include this section.
Shows areas that will be included in your sequence.
Red Clip
Shows areas that will be cut for your sequence.
Time on the right is the total time of your sequence.  The time to the left of the red line shows the length of time for the current take.


Checkpoints & Making Cuts to Your Video

Swipe Up | Good/Keep | Set Checkpoint

  • Swipe up or tap the check to set a checkpoint
  • Save your progress and keep the current segment
  • Setting a checkpoint will make sure everything since the last swipe/checkpoint is included in your video

Swipe Down | Bad/Cut | Set Checkpoint

  • Swipe down or tap the X to cut everything since the last checkpoint
  • Timeline bar will turn red indicating that the segment will be cut
Standby/Resume Video
  • Video segments that are set to standby will be cut 
  • Swipe left or tap the standby icon to start standby mode
  • Swipe left again or tap the resume icon to resume
Timeline markers
  • Swipe right to add a marker
  • Tap the marker icon to change the color, label, or description
  • Maker colors are supported in Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve
  • NOTE: Davinci Resolve you just run a script to set marker colors. Window->Scripts->SwitchTake-Color
Blooper Reel
  • Swipe down and to the right to cut the current segment and add it to your blooper reel
Highlight Reel
  • While recording tap the "STAR" icon to add to your clip highlight reel
  • Give the highlight a name and choose how far back to create the highlight clip (15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min...)
  • To activate the highlight reel, click the "Help/More" link at the bottom right of the session edit screen
Highlight Reel
Streaming Segments
  • While recording, name and create multiple segments from your video
  • Segments are organized and added to the segments timeline so they are easy to find
  • To activate streaming segments, click the "Help/More" link at the bottom right of the session edit screen
Streaming Segments
Clip Color
  • Tap a clip segment in the timeline bar to change the clip color
  • Clip color is supported in Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve
  • NOTE: Davinci Resolve you just run a script to set clip colors. Window->Scripts->SwitchTake-Color 
Save Your Edit Session
  • Tap the green "SAVE" button at the top right of the edit screen
  • Open SwitchTake on your PC/Mac to import your rough-cut video sequence
Edit Sessions, Clip Management, and SwitchTake Director

The new recording screen has several options to manage and sequence your clips.

Rename Clip

  • Set your clip name at the top of the screen in the SESSION / CLIP NAME FIELD
  • Check the "RENAME CLIP" option below the start button
  • When you generate your import timeline with SwitchTake PC/Mac you will be prompted to rename the video clip

Sequence & Scene

  • Check the "SEQUENCE" option below the start button
  • Enter a name for the sequence and set the scene #
  • SwitchTake PC/Mac will add this clip to the sequence and order it based on the scene ID

Clip Tags

  • Clip tags are used to organize and group your clips
  • Check the "CLIP TAGS" option below the start button
  • Enter tags separated by commas
  • SwitchTake PC/Mac will group all clips with the same tag and generate an import sequence with all the clips together