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Save Time! Start editing your next
video project while you film

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$8 / month
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  • Edit Video While You Film
  • Mobile App & Voice Editing
  • Set Markers
  • Rename & Tag Clips
  • SwitchTake Folders
  • Sync Audio / Multi-cam
  • Highlight Reel
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How can SwitchTake optimize your creation process?

Edit/Cut Video while Recording
Use the SwitchTake mobile application or voice commands to easily cut bad takes and dead space while filming. Use while filming video or screen recording sessions with OBS.
Clip Tagging
Are you overwhelmed sorting through all of your media clips?  With SwitchTake clip tagging you can categorize your clips as you record your video. 
Manage Media

While filming quickly add markers to make important moments easy to find while editing your videos.

Import Sequences
SwitchTake works with any video editor. You can use Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut or any editor with an XML/EDL import. If your editor does not support XML/EDL import files you can generate media files that you can import into any video editor.

Use SwitchTake to quickly edit & cut bad takes

1. Set checkpoint to save progress
Use the SwitchTake mobile app or voice comments to save your progress and set checkpoints. All time from the last saved point will be included in your sequence.
2. Cut mistakes, bad takes and dead space
If you make a mistake or want to remove a section of video from the clip, use the mobile app or voice commands to cut everything from the last checkpoint.
3. Mark good takes and edit points
Use markers to identify good takes so they are easy to find.  Set markers at specific time points to jump to that section of the video while you are editing.
4. Import video sequences (XML)

Run SwitchTake Desktop (PC/MAC) to process your edits, generate ready to edit rough-cut sequences and import directly into your video editor.

Download SwitchTake
Download SwitchTake and see how quick and easy it can be to start editing your videos while you film.
SwitchTake User Guide
Learn how to use SwitchTake with your video projects.  
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SwitchTakeUser Guide
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