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Remote Controller Editing


Use your PlayStation, XBOX or Nintendo JoyCon controller to edit with the SwitchTake mobile app.  

Enable Controller Support in SwitchTake Mobile

  1. Start SwitchTake Mobile App
  2. Tap the settings icon
  3. Tap "Set Remote"
  4. Choose controller type

Connect Controller to Mobile Device

  1. Connect controller to mobile device
  2. Click controller on right side of this page to find instructions

Test/Learn Controller 

  1. Start SwitchTake Mobile App
  3. Tap buttons on your controller
  4. Remote icon on right side of screen will show what the button does

Start SwitchTake Controller Editing

  1. Tap START to begin edit session
  2. Tap controller buttons to edit
  3. Tap "SAVE" when you are finished editing

Connect Controller to Phone

PS Controller

XBOX Controller

Nintendo JoyCon