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Timeline markers

Markers are an incredibly useful editing tool.  They help you mark specific locations/times in your video so they are easy to find and reference.   Markers can be set from the SwitchTake mobile app or using voice commands.  Set the marker time, label, and description.  SwitchTake mobile also gives you the option to set the marker color.

  • Swipe right/tap to add a marker
  • Say "Switch Marker"

Advanced markers 

  • Tap the marker icon to change the color, label, or description
  • Maker colors are supported in Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve
  • NOTE: Davinci Resolve you just run a script to set marker colors. Window->Scripts->SwitchTake-Color


Add markers for voice keywords

Auto add markers to your timelines when voice keywords are found in your media. Open SwitchTake sequencer, select your files, click the "more/voice" menu and choose "Tag clips with voice keywords"