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Paste to bin (CTRL+ALT+K)

The paste to bin option allows you to copy any media files to the clipboard, review file names/location, paste to your project folder location and then import into your video editor.

Copy media to the clip board

  • FIles in Explorer/Finder
  • Web link to media file
  • Screenshots

Paste to your project/video editor

  • Hot key sequence CTRL+ALT+K
  • OR click the paste to bin option in SuperBins

Review media and sync

  • Review the file location and settings
  • Media is downloaded / copied / moved to the project folder
  • Media is synced with video editor
Paste to bin options

1. Filename
File name for the media file.  Use this field to change the file name.

2. Media preview
Preview of the image, video or audio file.

3. Folder/Project Bin
Project folder location for the media.  Media will be copied to this folder location.  After the file is copied a bin will be created in our video editor and the media will be automatically imported into the bin.  Add media to multiple folder/bin levels.  Ex.  Images/Day1/B-Roll

4. Add to timeline
Automatically add media to the currently selected timeline in your video editor.

5. Clip color
Set the clip color.  When imported your media will be adjust to this color

6. Show folders
Display your current project folder structure.  This allows you to pick a current folder location for your media.

7. Quick bin/folder select
Quickly set the bin/folder location for your media.  Click the drop down arrow for more.  Click customize to set up your own preset folder locations.

8. Sync File
Sync one file.

9. Sync All 
When copying multiple files, click the sync all option to copy and import all the media that has been copied.