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SwitchTake Voice / What can I say?
Basic Voice Editing
"Switch In" Start and set checkpoint / in time
"Switch Out" Include everything from last checkpoint and stop
"Switch Save" Sets a checkpoint and includes everything since the last checkpoint.
"Switch Good" Markers a segment as a good take and sets a new checkpoint
"Switch Cut" Cuts everything since the last checkpoint and sets a new checkpoint
"Switch Blooper" Sets a new checkpoint and adds the current segment to the gag/outtake reel.
Voice Accuracy


Do not expect voice processing to be 100% accurate. Accuracy depends on how the commands are said, background noise, audio quality and other factors.

Go to the clip properties.  Adjust the sequence, scene, tags...  Use voice test option to see what commands are detected.

If commands  are missed, you can still fix and make adjustments as you are editing your video.