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SwitchTake Sequencer (PC/Mac)

The SwitchTake Sequencer application analyzes your edits and builds rough-cut edit sequences that you can easily import into your video editing software.

SwitchTake Sequencer Steps

  1. Copy your media files to your computer
  2. Start SwitchTake Sequencer on your computer
  3. Click Select Media Folder
  4. Review Media List and Sequence Settings
  5. Click BuildSequences
  6. Import & Start Editing
Select Media Files

If you are using SwitchTake mobile enter the SYNC ID from your mobile application.  SwitchTake uses this ID to download your edit sessions and match them with your media.

Select File(s)
Choose this option if you want to select individual files for SwitchTake to process.

Add Media Folder
Select a folder to add to SwitchTake.  All files in the folder will be processed.  Enable the subfolder option to process all subfolder.

Import & Organize
Copies media files into your project folder and select the files to be processed.  This is useful for copying files from your camera media.   There are also options to organize your media by date/camera after the media has been copied.

Select Media Files
SwitchTake Media / Sequences

After you select your media, adjust your sequence settings and set how your import files will be generated.

Timeline Settings

Select your video editor

  • Premiere Pro
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro

Set your timeline resolution

  • Click the video resolution
  • Adjust your resolution and frame rate
Timeline Settings
Sequence Type

SwitchTake Files
Create an import sequence for each video clip.

SwitchTake Folders
Combine all the clips in each folder into one import sequence.

SwitchTake Scene Director
Organize your video clips into unified import sequences based on sequence and scene.  While filming, set the sequence name and scene using the mobile app or voice command.

Sequence Type
Sync Audio

If you are recording your audio in camera then you do not need to use the sync option.

External Audio
If you are recording external audio and need to sync audio when you edit your video choose this option.  

Sync Audio
Build Sequences / Import Media

Click the build sequences button to generate your XML import files.  Click the link below to learn more about importing into your video editor.

Build Sequences / Import Media