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Stream Editing / Long Take Video
Easily mark and create edits during your stream

Use SwitchTake to create highlights and segments.  When processing with SwitchTake sequencer generate timelines that contain all your highlights and ordered segments.

Edit with Stream Deck (Preview)
Edit with Stream Deck (Preview)

Use your stream deck to set markers, edit video, create segments, and highlight reels for your stream.

Open Streaming Features
Open Streaming Features
Save Highlights and Cut Your Stream into Video Segments

To access the streaming segments and highlights features of the SwitchTake mobile app, click the "help/more" option at the bottom right of the main SwitchTake editing screen.


Open the SwitchTake Options Menu
  • Click "Help/More"
  • New Highlight
  • Streaming Segment
Save Highlights

Stop scanning through all your footage. Easily create a sequence that includes your highlights and moments.

Streaming Segments

Edit while streaming to make it easy to find specific moments and easily create segment content. After streaming, process your media with SwitchTake Sequencer and simply load your pre-edited timeline with all your segments organized.

SwitchTake App

To open the streaming tools with the SwitchTake app, click the "help/more" link at the bottom right. You can choose to start a new streaming segment or create a highlight.

  • Create segments
  • Set segment name (optional)
  • End the current segment Create highlight clips
  • Set highlight name (optional)
  • Choose highlight length
SwitchTake Voice

Use voice commands to create streaming segments and add highlights. While streaming just say the following to start editing your stream.

  • "Switch Segment"
  • "Switch Segment End"
  • "Switch Highlight"