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Timeline Markers

Markers are an incredibly useful editing tool.  They help you mark specific locations/times in your video so they are easy to find and reference.   Markers can be set from the SwitchTake mobile app or using voice commands.  Set the marker time, label, and description.  SwitchTake mobile also gives you the option to set the marker color.

  • Swipe right/tap to add a marker
  • Say "Switch Marker"

Advanced Markers 

  • Tap the marker icon to change the color, label, or description
  • Maker colors are supported in Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve
  • NOTE: Davinci Resolve you just run a script to set marker colors. Window->Scripts->SwitchTake-Color


Streaming Segments
  • While recording, name and create multiple segments from your video
  • Tap the Streaming Segment Icon
  • Start a new segment or end a segment that has already been started
  • Segments are organized and added to the segments timeline so they are easy to find
  • To activate streaming segments, click the "Help/More" link at the bottom right of the session edit screen
Rename Clips

SwitchTake allows you to rename your videos clips so they are easier to work with.  Instead of a clip name like "DSC5443.mp4", could have a clip name like "fun_day_at_the_park.mp4".  You can use the mobile app or voice commands to set clip names.  When you select files in the SwitchTake PC/Mac application your files will be renamed.

Organize Clips / Folders

The SwitchTake copy files/import option lets you easily copy files from your camera media and move them into an organized folder structure by date and camera.  When selecting files, choose the "Import & Organize" option.   Select from the following options

  • Copy files to project media folder
  • Organize by date
  • Organize by camera
  • Organize by date > camera
  • Organize by camera > date

Select the files you want to import.  If you chose the camera option, enter a name for the camera that you are copying from.

Highlight Reel
  • While recording tap the "STAR" icon to add to your clip highlight reel
  • Give the highlight a name and choose how far back to create the highlight clip (15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min...)
  • To activate the highlight reel, click the "Help/More" link at the bottom right of the session edit screen
Dump / Delete Clips

If you know that you do not want to use a clip or would like to delete it, use voice edit commands.  SwitchTake will then either ignore the file or ask you if you want to delete it when selecting the file.   Review the voice commands for more information.