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Davinci Resolve
Davinci Resolve Import
Davinci Resolve Import
  • Open Davinci Resolve
  • Right click in the Media Pool area and choose Timelines -> Import -> XML
  • Select the XML Import File

Clip & Marker Colors
By default clips and markers will not be colored, so you need to run a quick script.

  • Select the window menu
  • Choose scripts -> SwitchTake-Color

Cut Clip & Sync
If you are synchronizing additional audio/video clips with your main footage make sure you choose the "Cut Clip & Sync" option in SwitchTake Timeline.  This will cut your clip while leaving the clip timing/spacing in place so that you can synchronize with additional media.

  • Import the SwitchTake timeline .XML file
  • Add additional audio/video files to your timeline
  • Select one of the SwitchTake cuts along with your additional media
  • Right click and choose "Auto Align Clips"
  • Select "Based on Waveform"
  • After all your clips are synced, make cuts and remove those sections of the additional media clips.