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What is SuperBins Backup?

With SuperBins backup, set up backup location(s) for your project media files.  SuperBins will copy/backup your media as you add/change files in your project media folder.

When files does SuperBins backup?
  • Start SuperBins - Each time you start SuperBins, it will check your existing project media folder and copy any updated files to the backup location(s)
  • Change project folder - When you change your project folder SuperBins will copy updates files for the previous folder to back and then check the new media folder to backup
  • Files added or modified - When new files are added to your project folder or updated, SuperBins will queue a backup for your project media folder..

To backup a project folder, SuperBins must be running.  SuperBins will only backup changes to the currently set project folder that is being monitored by SuperBins.

Get Started with SuperBins Backup

To setup SuperBins backup, click the gear icon in the project media folder section of the main SuperBins screen.  Click the "SuperBins" backup button.

Add Backup Location(s)

Set the location for your media backups.  Click the "ADD LOCATION" button and select a folder for your backup.

Backup Settings

Backup Rate Limit
Set the maximum MB/s for your backups.  

Backup Path
Select which parts of the project path to include in the backup folder. If you have a long path to your media files you may not want to include the full path in the backup location.

PROJECT PATH: c:\users\username\video\2023\FEB06\
BACKUP LOCATION: w:\videobk\

Backup Path: Full Path

Backup Path: 3 Folders Back