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Video Tutorials
All About SwitchTake

Quick overview video about what you can do with SwitchTake live editing.  How it can save you time and help you make better videos!

Mobile Edit

Learn how to live edit videos while you film with the SwitchTake Mobile app.

Voice Edit

Edit your videos while you film with SwitchTake Voice. This video will discuss how to use the basic voice commands.

SwitchTake Sequencer

SwitchTake sequencer analyzes your project video files, applies SwitchTake mobile or voice edits to build video sequences that you can easily import into your video editor.

SuperBins Media Sync

SuperBIns is the fastest way to import and sync media with your video editor. No need to create folders, copy files, create media bins or manually import media. SuperBins is suppored on Windows and Mac.