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What is SwitchNotify?
SwitchNotify is a utility that displays the Resolve render queue and job status.  When jobs are completed you can set SwitchNotify to notify you when render jobs have been completed.

Getting Started
SwitchNotify is supported on Windows and Mac.  Download and run SwitchNotify.

Connect to Resolve Studio
SwitchNotify requires Resolve Studio. 

  • Start Resolve Studio
  • Enable External Scripts in the Resolve Preferences menu
  • Menu: Resolve->Preferences->General->External Script using set to 'Local'

Resolve Render Queue
Run SwitchNotify to view the Resolve render queue.  The queue will update at periodic intervals.   View the file name, size and date/time of rendering.  Click each video to open the file in a video player.

Notify Options
Customize notification options.  Tap each of the buttons at the top to enable/disable each of the notification options.

  • Play Sound
  • Desktop Notify
  • Open Video

Remote/Mobile Access
Check on render job status while you are away from your desk. Use the SwitchNotify remote access option to monitor the Resolve render queue from your mobile device.  Check to see when renders are completed.  Tap the job to see a preview of the rendered video on your mobile device.

How to Setup Remote Access

SwitchNotify also monitors file copies and media import from SuperBins.  Start copying files and get a notification when files are copied, imported and ready to edit.